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Why Recruiters are Not Using Their Tools

hireEZ Team
February 8, 2023
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We all like to think that we are creatures of free will and that we can choose our own path in life. But the truth is that we are all creatures of habit. We often return to the same places and the same people, even when we know that there are better options out there.

This is especially true when it comes to our sourcing activities. We may start out as recruiters on LinkedIn, but even as we get more resources in the future, we find ourselves coming back to that same platform again and again.

Why We Are Coming Back

We all come back to LinkedIn to find candidates for our roles for several reasons. Foremost, it’s one of the largest and most popular job-searching platforms, with millions of users worldwide. This gives us a large pool of potential candidates to choose from.

Secondly, LinkedIn offers a number of powerful search tools that allow us to narrow our search down to the most qualified candidates.

Finally, LinkedIn provides us with a convenient way to connect with candidates and learn more about their qualifications. All of these factors make LinkedIn an essential tool for any recruiter looking to fill a role.

Is LinkedIn the Best Source

Is LinkedIn really the best place and only place where to find candidates? No, it is not!

While LinkedIn has a lot of potential as a recruiting tool, it also has some significant drawbacks. One of the biggest problems is the broken search function. LinkedIn’s search engine often fails to surface all the candidates who are in the desired location, making it difficult to find qualified candidates.

Additionally, LinkedIn does not offer diverse search options or any other way to identify candidates from underrepresented groups. And LinkedIn lacks some basic information about candidates that other tools provide, such as contact information. Or not providing other information like their GitHub profile.As a result, LinkedIn is not always the best option for recruiting.

Last Thoughts

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has been steadily increasing the price of its recruiter licenses over the years. And with companies increasingly mindful of their budget, recruiters are starting to explore alternative tools that can provide similar results.

Even though we may have other tools at our disposal, LinkedIn is the place where we feel most comfortable and where we have the most success. It’s like a comfort zone; even though we may stray from it sometimes, we always end up coming back. We all have our comfort zones, and eventually, we all find our way back to them.

That is why LinkedIn still remains the most popular platform for recruiting due to its extensive database of users and its ability to target specific demographics. As a result, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a mass exodus of recruiters from LinkedIn anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the rise in price is likely to continue to put pressure on companies to reevaluate their recruiting strategies. In particular, they need to consider which tools they are not using that might be the primary source of candidates for them in the future. The key is to stay flexible and be willing to try new things.

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