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Supporting Love146 to End Trafficking
Harri Insider Team
February 3, 2023
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It’s estimated that around 4 million children in the US are currently being exploited in sex trafficking and labor trafficking. While these crimes aren’t new, awareness about how and where it happens is. Organizations such as Love 146 are here to change this once and for all…

What Is Love146?

Love 146 is a nonprofit with a mission to end trafficking around the world and provide support for survivors. The organization explains that ‘trafficking happens where people are’, and that includes in front of your hospitality staff every day.

Once a child has been identified, they need a range of practical and comforting resources. That’s where their Rapid Response tote bags come in.

Love146 partners with child welfare agencies to deliver Rapid Response bags filled with a variety of essentials such as a cell phone, hotline numbers, blanket, journal, hand sanitizers, granola bars, and more. Each item is carefully selected by the Love146 team so that exploited children feel valued and have access to critical resources.

3,600+ children reached by their survivor care 68,100+ children reached by their prevention education 17,500+ adults reached by their strategic collaboration

How Harri Supported The Cause

We partnered with Love146 at HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas, and at FSTEC in Texas, to drive awareness of trafficking in hospitality. We believe in Service First – that’s why our team (along with some incredible volunteers) stepped in to help pack Rapid Response Bags with essential supplies at HR Tech and FSTEC.

“The hospitality staff can be on the front lines to help identify signs of trafficking and contact local authorities,” said Jennifer Ravalli, Chief Marketing Officer at Harri. “As a company that puts service at the heart of what we do, it’s important to us to bring awareness to the issue of trafficking in hospitality so that we can protect our most vulnerable guests.”

Help Put An End To Trafficking

Love146 wouldn’t exist without the help of its generous donors. If you’re interested in supporting their work, contact donations@love146.org or explore their list of ways to give.

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