Immedis continues to shine as a Global Leader in Payroll and Innovation

August 19, 2022

Immedis continues to build on last year’s momentum with a focus on innovation in their global payroll solution and has recently received prestigious recognition from the Global Payroll Association (GPA) as a finalist for two Global Payroll Awards.

Immedis continues to build on last year’s momentum with a focus on innovation in their global payroll solution and has recently received prestigious recognition from the Global Payroll Association (GPA) as a finalist for two Global Payroll Awards. For 2022, Immedis has been shortlisted as Global Payroll Provider of the Year, and Innovation of the Year. These distinctions is a testament to the hard work and dedication from each and every employee at Immedis, as well as the incredibly collaborative client partnerships who entrust Immedis. Celebrating Immedis’ 6th anniversary, each year brings new challenges and an even more audacious set of goals. To be considered by the GPA for such high honors is an external endorsement that validates the value delivered by Immedis.

Terry Clune, Executive Chairman of Immedis, praised, “I am incredibly proud of the commitment to excellence that our team has displayed. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication from each and every employee at Immedis, as well as the incredibly collaborative client partnerships who entrust us with their global payroll.”

Immedis was shortlisted for Innovation of the Year through their new product launch, OneView. One size does not fit all in global payroll, especially when not all countries are prepared to seamlessly onboard a fully managed payroll delivery. With potential gaps in a unified process or limitations with local providers, centralized data and reporting become quite challenging. After seeing survey data come back with 60% of respondents claiming that global payroll-related reports take a day or longer to produce, Immedis created a game-changing product called, OneView.

Much like Immedis’ core global managed payroll service, OneView represents the intersection of people, processes, and technology; empowering users to unlock actionable insights through a powerful and tailored analytics dashboard. This solution offers another layer of flexibility without requiring Immedis to operate payroll in any or all countries. Customers have the ability to make strategic decisions, supported by up-to-date and accurate payroll information into a single currency, delivered in an automated, zero-touch manner. Reporting is only one element of the value chain, as OneView also enables customers to be able to execute global payments to employees and 3rd parties using Immedis Pay, irrespective of who processes payroll in-country.

The recognition of being shortlisted for Global Payroll Supplier of the Year follows Immedis winning the award in 2021. Their ongoing theme of innovation and flexibility as well as the new areas of automation that continue to be enhanced across the platform are key areas of differentiation for Immedis customers as they look to work more efficiently and provide deeper value to their organizations.

Immedis continues to prioritize flexibility and accessibility with their Employee Mobile App. The app gives employees ownership of their personal information and banking details while delivering all pay-related data into the palms of their hands. Pay Stubs and year-end statements are instantly accessible. Banking information is made visible to the employee guaranteeing they know where their pay will be deposited and giving them access to update their information when changes occur.

Innovation is naturally linked to Immedis’ commitment to superior customer service and ongoing service excellence. The GPA Awards distinction comes after a banner year for Immedis, winning more than 16 awards in 2021 for the Immedis Platform, company, culture, and talent. Following COVID protocols and a turbulent global landscape, Immedis remained steadfast in delivering for their clients.

Immedis has reinstated their Customer Advisory Board (CAB) and expanded into North America to further expand North American relationships and delivery. In addition, to continue to deliver on the business’ value drivers, the company has expanded KPIs with automation for tracking success as well.

GPA has recognized Immedis as a finalist for Global Payroll Provider based on key areas of functionality that only they can offer:

  • Immedis Country-Specific-Information (CSI) — Delivers a dedicated payroll database for the specific taxation, benefits, and compliance requirements for each country. Tracks information unique to an individual country and validates the entry based on local requirements.
  • Perpetual Validation — Continuously checks and validates the quality and completeness of HR and payroll data sourced from HCM and finance systems and contained within the Immedis Platform.
  • Enhanced Partner Portal — Brings our customers and in-country partners closer together to streamline the engagement process and improve knowledge sharing at a country level.
  • Flexibility — Immedis is the first multi-country payroll outsourcing provider to offer a flexible solution for customers who desire to achieve consolidated, standardized reporting of global payroll data without the need to process all payrolls via Immedis with OneView, our newest payroll offering

Behind every award-winning platform is a world-class team. Immedis puts their people at the heart of every initiative. Keeping the team supported, empowered and motivated to grow directly connects to the organization’s success. This support comes in a diverse set of thoughtful initiatives:

  • Dedicated L&D Portal — Built for upskilling and reskilling all roles
  • IGNITE Program — Designed with tailored programmes for managers to inspire and lead people into the future leaders of Immedis
  • 360 Employee Feedback — New performance management framework was a direct product of employee feedback to create positive working relationships
  • Culture of Flexibility — Introduced Lifeword Days, summer flex-time and ‘no-meeting’ Fridays

The future is bright for Immedis, and there is no sign of slowing down. The roadmap for 2022 is robust with innovation to enhance current functionality, while working toward new product launches through the end of the year.

About Immedis
Immedis delivers secure, compliant, zero-defect, touchless payroll for global organizations in 150+ countries. The Immedis Platform provides payroll leaders a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. With deep integration capabilities with HCM, finance, and many other partners, Immedis transforms payroll from manual administration to a secure, streamlined process through the provision of both technology and service. Immedis follows agile development practices and continually updates the platform, with three major releases per year. Many of our customers include fast-growth companies such as Adobe, Bolt, DocuSign, Lululemon, McAfee, MicroFocus. Immedis was founded and is majority owned by Clune Tech.


Katie Spadaro
Marketing Director, Immedis
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