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Cutting Costs and Consolidating Your Recruitment Tech Stack

hireEZ Team
February 8, 2023
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In today’s world of talent acquisition, there’s a piece of technology for almost every step of the recruiting process.

From talent search to candidate engagement to metric reporting and beyond, tools exist in abundance to make the recruiting process exponentially easier.

Yet, the accumulation of disparate tools has created two significant issues for recruiting teams.

  • The collective cost of these individual tools becomes very high
  • These individual tools often overlap functions and have incompatible workflows that lead to heightened inefficiency and slower hiring

The solution to these two issues?

A consolidated tech stack that:

  • Fit your team’s essential needs
  • Adheres to a cohesive workflow
  • Allows for greater collaboration amongst your team

Yet, consolidation is easier said than done.

It gets even harder if you’ve been using specific tools for so long (and have so much money already invested in them).

As we pointed out in our latest blog, “we are all creatures of habit. We often return to the same places and the same people, even when we know that there are better options out there.”

But if you’re open to striving for greater recruiting efficiency while cutting down on costs, here are two ways you can consolidate your tech stack.

Assess Your Existing Process and Tools

Has this ever happened to you: You subscribe to a service or app you think you need, forget about it and realize months later that you’re still paying for it?The same thing tends to happen when you have so many tools at your disposal.

Before you can consolidate, you have to know what you have available to consolidate.

Start by listing out all the tools your team is using and your team’s recruiting process as a whole.

With a complete list of all your tools and your process mapped out, you’ll be able to identify the function and cost of each tool at each stage of the process.

With this list, have a conversation with your team about

  • What tools do we absolutely need to complete our process?

  • Do we have multiple tools doing the same thing?

  • Do we still have pain points in our process that a tool could address?

By running through these, you’ll identify overlaps, unneeded tools and areas where gaps exist that resources could aid an even more seamless process.

Modeling After an Ideal Recruiting Tech Stack

In addition to identifying where your tools overlap, existing gaps and the essential tools you need, it also helps to have a frame of reference for an optimal recruiting tech stack.

That optimal recruiting tech stack comes in the form of an outbound recruiting tech stack.

A quick refresher (or new introduction) on outbound recruiting:

inbound vs outbound recruiting

Now, the beauty of an ideal outbound recruiting tech stack is that it covers the end-to-end recruiting process without excluding the functions of inbound recruiting.

Here’s what hireEZ’s Sr. Manager of Customer Education explains about inbound and outbound functions together: https://staging-rebrand.kinsta.cloud/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/inbound-and-outbound-functioning-together.mp4

With a holistic talent pool that combines updated ATS candidate profiles and open web profiles, outbound recruiting teams are set up for recruiting success at each successive stage of the recruiting process.

As Amy mentioned, each of these recruiting stages often comes with separate processes and tools – or so you might think.

hireEZ provides all of these functionalities under one platform – not only consolidating your existing tech stack and saving costs but also increasing workflow efficiency.

Cut Costs and Consolidate Your Tech Stack

We can’t emphasize enough that change isn’t easy – especially for daily routines and familiar investments.

Yet, the upside of consolidating your recruitment tech stack means the ability to decrease costs, and, most importantly, increase your hiring efficiency.

If you’re looking for a single platform to help you consolidate your tech stack, find out how hireEZ can help you. 

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