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Three Ways to Make Your Healthcare Recruiting Process Better, Faster, and Stronger

hireEZ Team
February 8, 2023
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In the past two years alone, healthcare recruiters have been hit with non-stop challenges.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the Great Resignation to a potential economic downturn, these challenges have included:

  • An inadequate number of skilled professionals to fill roles
  • Major stress, burnout and anxiety among nurses
  • A higher average time to fill for healthcare professionals than other industries

With people’s lives depending on healthcare professionals, it’s crucial that recruiters looking for those professionals have as much help as possible to find them. With hireEZ, healthcare recruiters can utilize market data and talent analytics to refine sourcing strategies and discover more hidden healthcare candidates in the job market.

To accelerate the recruiting process, recruiters can get their hands on data-driven information, including:

  • A database with healthcare-specific platforms and source passive and active candidates based on medical specialties, license states and certification with hireEZ’s healthcare-specific AI sourcing filters
  • Stay on top of candidate movement by looking at talent inflow and outflow across prominent organizations
  • Target candidates and streamline your candidate engagement process with healthcare professionals

Access a Database with Healthcare-Specific Platforms and Discover More Available Talent

hireEZ understands the difficulty in finding healthcare talent in today’s market, which is why we built our product with healthcare recruiting in mind.

To combat the problem of talent shortages in the healthcare industry, EZ Sourcing includes healthcare-specific filters such as medical specialties, license states and certifications to allow healthcare recruiters to expand their talent search. In addition, hireEZ discovers talent not only from LinkedIn or other common job boards but also from healthcare-specific platforms, like ZocDoc and Healthgrades.

Stay on Top of Candidate Movement By Looking at Talent Inflow and Outflow

There’s no shortage of healthcare professionals and recruiters switching roles. With EZ Insights, healthcare recruiters can look at talent movement rates by years of experience, previous organizations, and more to target the right healthcare professionals at the right time.

For example, in our latest healthcare report, the number of years physicians who chose to stay at their current organization decreased by 2% among physicians with 4 to 6 years of experience. With this information, healthcare recruiters may consider targeting physicians who are in their 6th-year mark as it is highly likely that they are on the move to their next role.

Target Candidates and Streamline Your Engagement Process

With all of this information on hand, healthcare professionals are ready to find these hidden heroes in the market. However, it’s not just enough to find healthcare professionals – you have to engage them with purpose.

To avoid missing out on another healthcare professional, automate your email outreach and streamline your candidate engagement process with EZ Engagement. Sometimes, it takes up to 3 emails to have a candidate respond to your message, that’s why automating these messages can help lessen the workload for healthcare recruiters.

Don’t Let Another Healthcare Professional Slip Through

As the job market poses more challenges to recruiters and given the high immense pressure of healthcare recruitment, don’t let another healthcare professional slip through. Discover more hidden healthcare heroes with data-driven information and plan ahead. For more information about hireEZ and healthcare recruitment help, contact our team today.

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